Parent Partnerships

As your child’s first educator, you know your child best, therefore, working in partnership with parent’s and carers is central to our work. It helps us to meet the individual needs of your child, ensuring consistency of care between home and our Pre-school setting.

To support and assist close working relationships between children, their families and our staff every child has a designated key person. The Key Person is responsible for settling your child into the setting, ensuring their learning and development is progressing, their needs and interests are met and ensuring that regular contact is made with the child’s parents’ and carers to feedback on their child’s learning and development. Each child’s key person will meet with the child’s parents or carers for progress checks and a three-year review where they can discuss the level of development your child is achieving.

Throughout their time at Pre-school each child’s progress will be constantly monitored and recorded by staff, in line with The Early Years Foundation Stage. We currently use ‘Tapestry’, an Online Learning Journal to record children’s progress and as parents and carers, you will have continuous access to your child’s online journal. We welcome any comments and photos to be posted from home as this helps to build a bigger picture of your child’s achievements, learning and development. The children love to show us these at Pre-school.

We ensure a high degree of availability of staff during the Pre-school day, whereby parents and carers are always welcome to come and discuss any concerns they may be having regarding their child’s learning and development with their child’s key person or our SEND Coordinator.

Ickwell Pre-school is a registered charity run by an elected and dedicated Committee of volunteers who offer many social events at Pre-school. These includes events such as; annual Easter egg hunts and Christmas plays, Seasonal competitions, Sports days and we often have stalls at local fetes and carnivals. These offer a great way for the Pre-school staff, children and families to play an active part in the wider, local community.

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