Health & Safety

If your child requires prescribed medication to be administered whilst at Pre-school, parents will be asked to fill in and sign the Medications Record Book.   If children are staying at Pre-school all day, staff can apply sunscreen provided that parents sign to give permission and supply sunscreen labelled with child’s own name. All sun creams will be kept in the kitchen.

In the interest of everyone, we ask parents not to send children to Pre-school if they are unwell, especially with heavy colds, sickness or diarrhoea.  If a child has had sickness or diarrhoea you should leave at least 48 hours from the last bout, before returning them to Pre-school.   Please inform us promptly of any infectious diseases, i.e. chicken pox, head lice etc., so we may alert other parents.

To safeguard the children’s privacy no mobiles phones are to be used on the premises and should be kept in either the office or kitchen area.  Should a parent or visitor wish to use their mobile whist at Pre-school they must ask permission from the Manager/Deputy on each occasion.

Ickwell Pre-school