Parent Testimonials

“Our daughter loves preschool – she has fun and has made good friends. Since starting at Ickwell, it is clear that she is being exposed to academic skills in the form of numbers and letters, but also (and arguably more importantly) soft skills that mean she often talks about kindness, sharing, looking after people and being polite. We, as working parents, are confident and happy leaving H in the care of all those at the preschool – the staff go above and beyond to create an atmosphere and culture that is comforting yet stimulating to children and we are confident that she will progress into primary school with advanced skills and a resilience and compassion that will enable her to succeed in education.” – A Hamilton


” We just wanted to let you know how delighted we have been with Ickwell Pre-School. E is thriving  there, and his enthusiasm for the things he does there is infectious. He loved the Christmas party yesterday, and was still talking about it this morning. It’s these extra things like the party yesterday, and care for the child as an individual which we as parents love about the school. They make fab use of Tapestry – when E achieves something at home, I’m able to document this on there, and this is always followed up at Pre-school; and vice versa. The staff are wonderful and approachable and manage to set up activities which spark E’s interest.” – C Baker

Ickwell Pre-school