Ickwell Pre-school

Ickwell Pre-school

The current fee for under 3’s is £14.75 for a three hour session.

The month after your child’s 3rd birthday this fee reduces to £14.00  session. This is in light of the fact that under threes require a higher staff ratio. Fees are reviewed annually.

The Government provides 15 hours free funding for every child following their third birthday and under certain parent criteria offer 30 hours free funding.

Your child’s third birthday must fall on or before the following dates to qualify for the subsidised places

31st December for the spring term

31st March for the summer term

31st August for the autumn term

Eligible 2 year olds can access their 2 year funding the term following their second birthday, your  childs second birthday must fall on or before the dates as set out above to qualify, and should complete 3 terms (or less if they access the place later).

Payment of fees is expected monthly at the start of each month. The Pre-school Administrator will issue an invoice, stating the amount due at the end of each previous month. The amount may be paid in full or by prior arrangement may be paid weekly and should be paid by the end of the first week of the relevant month. We ask that fees be paid promptly to ensure the smooth running of Pre-school.

The Pre-school is able to accept childcare vouchers.    Please note that fees are still due, even when your child is unable to attend for any reason E.g. sickness, holidays.  Should you no longer require a place for your child, one month’s termination notice will be required.  This should be made in writing to the Manager of the setting and all outstanding fees must be paid.

All cheques should be made payable to:    ICKWELL PRE-SCHOOL

Any non-payment of fees may result in your child losing his/her place at Pre-school. If you have difficulties in paying fees please speak to the Financial Administrator Sarah Ribbans.

Ickwell Pre-school