Ickwell Pre-school

Ickwell Pre-school


We admit children from approximately 2 years 6 months and suggest a couple of sessions a week to begin with, to enable your child to ease into the new routine.  All sessions run for three hours.  Once you feel your child has settled down you may then wish to discuss with the Manager the possibility of them attending more often.  We are very flexible when children start at Pre-school, some children are happy to be left on their own; others need the reassurance of a parent for a short time to settle them.   Every child is different and we will work with you to ensure your child has a good start at Pre-school.

We are registered to admit funded 2 year old children. Parents should have already received an Eligibility Letter before a child can access a place. Alternately contact Central Bedfordshire council or speak to a member of staff.

Eligible families will then be able to access the funding the term after their 2nd birthday.

Pre-school operates for thirty hours a week, to allow children, aged three and four years access to the free 30 hour funding set by the Government. Please see attached information sheet.

We will require parents to provide us with details of their National Insurance number when completing their child’s funding forms. We are required to see your child’s birth certificate/passport to verify their name and date of birth.

Pre-school sessions are as follows; Mornings 9:15am until 12:15pm, Afternoons; 12:15pm until 3:15pm or all day sessions 9: 15am until 3:15pm

Children are asked to bring a healthy balanced lunch including a drink if staying all day or starting at 12.15pm.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT ANY FOOD CONTAINED IN YOURS CHILD’S PACKED LUNCH IS COMPLETELY PEANUT FREE – THANK YOU.

Please follow the below link for a copy of our waiting list form.  This can be emailed/posted or handed in at Pre-school







Ickwell Pre-school